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Getting to Cabo San Lucas by Air  
Traveling to Cabo San Lucas by Air

The following Airlines fly in and out of Cabo San Lucas:
Tel: 800-237-6639
Tel: 800-735-5396
Tel: 800-231-0856
Tel: 800-531-7921
The Airport Code for Cabo is SJD

Driving To Cabo San Lucas
Green Angels Driving to Cabo is amazing, the sights are stunning. On your way to cabo there are many B&B you can stop along the way. If you do decide to take the over 1000 mile drive to Cabo avoid driving at night and be careful of banditos, look for cars that are broken down on the highway these usually are traps, many tourists get robbed. If you see a car broken down dont feel bad for not stopping. The governmeny pays a group of billigual mechanics called the Green Angel, that patrol the highways looking for people in need there services are free. MAKE SURE YOU GET MEXICAN INSURANCE

Rental Car
If you are staying on the Corridor, it is wise to rent a car, since taxis can get pretty pricey. However, if you are staying in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose, it is easy to walk to many of the common attractions. Many people decide to rent a car for day trips to Todos Santos or La Paz. Also you might save money in the long run and avoid haggling with cab drivers.
Best Time to Visit Cabo San Lucas
The best time to visit Los Cabos depends on what kind of activities you would like to do while you are here. If you are interested in whale watching, come between January and April. For fishing and diving, the summertime is best. Typically, August and September are the hottest months, with September being the most common month for heavy storms, or in Mexico they refer to them as "The Chabasco"
Phone Numbers in Cabo Phone Numbers in Cabo
Tourism Department: 078
• Legal Assistance: 061
• Police Emergency: 060
• Fire: 068
• Chamber of Commerce: 143-0437
• Drinking Water: 143-0228
• Electric Power Co: 143-0064
• Family Protection: 143-0586
• Federal Police: 143-1210
• Fire Department: 143-3577
• Harbor Master: 143-4771
• Highway Patrol: 143-3977
• Immigration: 143-0135
• Municipal Police: 143-0057
• Red Cross: 143-3300

Post Office
The Post Office in Cabo is located on Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas.
Monday – Friday: 8am – 4pm
Saturday: 9am – Noon

Warning to Tourists: You should avoid demonstrations and other activities that might be deemed political by the Mexican authorities. Political activities by foreigners are prohibited by the Mexican constitution, and such actions may result in detention and/or deportation.


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